Old Postcards

Postcard reads: Here I am back again safe and alright. Found everything as when I left. Had nice company coming home from Whitewater. Good bye. From Gust. Dated November 3, 1907. From Heart Prarie, Walworth County, WI to Edgerton, Rock County, WI. 

Postcard reads: Dear sister, How are you all getting along we are all well. Trusting this will find you all the same. Wishing you much joy in the future and many more Birthday to come from your brother and sister Gust + Nina. Dated February 19, 1914. 

Postcard reads:: "Dear ones all we arived in Dalavan to day. Will be home soon. all well. Good bye. love to all, from Moma." Dated August 20, 1908.

Postcard reads: "Dear brother, We are all well. Trusting these few lines find you all the same. With best wishesfor a happy birthday with love as ever. Your brother, William." The date is February 17, 1913.

Postcard reads: "Dear Cousin, How are you enjoying yourself at Rome these days? What's for excitement? When you see Ida tell her to answer my card and I also want to hear from you. I have had the Grippe since last Tuesday and Alice is getting it today (Sunday). How are all you folks? Love to all, Cousin Maude." The date is February 17, 1913. Rome is in Jefferson County, WI.

Postcard reads "Hello Myrtle how are you we are Well at present time hoping that you are all the same best Wishes from all. Please let me know how you are. (?) Herman." Herman was her uncle.  

          Millard, Walwoth County, Wisconsin looking West. The date is June 19, 1913. 

The postcard reads " Well I am on the game. I sat up the biggest share of the day. Was outdoors a little while yesterday. Can walk across the room and back alone. I am quite weak but am gaining every day. The nurse is going home today. Hope this will find you all well. Good bye from Gust.

 Myrtle was Nina's friend who my grandmother was named after.

 Postcard reads " Feb. 12, 1905 Helloo Nina. Did you get to Edgerton? Well we went last night over to Sonys. There was about 75 there. Had a fine time. Got to bed at 2 oclock. Monday night we went down to his rink and we all put skates on. It was a lot of fun. We are going down again soon. Well I will close so good bye from Maude (Blake)"

                             Don't know what a rubber was in those days. 

 Nina (Barker) Bork had very bad arthritis and every type of treatment was tried. She was eventually bedriden by it and died from gangerine.

 Applethwaite, Underskidow, Cumberland, England in 1895. 

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